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AP-BIO-002 Fingerprint/Card USB Time Attendance/Access Control TerminalITEM User capacity Lock capacity Communication Interface FRR FAR LCD Identification Time Battery Backup Access Control DESCRIPTION 3000 1,60,000 TCP/IP, USB (Host and slave) 0.001% 0.00001% 2.8” TFT Color Screen <0.1 Sec. Yes Yes

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ALARM• Capacitive touch keypad, fashionable and elegant.• GSM quad-bands dual network alarm system.• 128x64 lattice display with clock, OEM voice menu optional.• 2 wired and 10 wireless defense zones, each wireless zonesupport 10 wireless sensors (max 100 wireless sensors)

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LED lamp +Cell phone bracket Perfect for view phone Face time enjoy music phone games in bedroom, gym, office, exhibition,whenever and wherever we need it. Hand Free – clamp on table/desk/bed and rotate any angle to free your hands