Heavy Duty Metal Electric Car Air Compressor Pump Portable Tire Tyre Inflator,Cooper Winding

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  • No strength required for pumping air as it is all electronic & is powered directly from your car battery.
  • High Power Model of 12v Car Electric Air. Long Air Pipe
  • Meter guage shows accurate tyre pressure when connected to tyre
  • Very compact and easy to store in car dicky. Robust and durable design

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Description:Effortless And Easy Inflation Of Tires ,Balls And Rubber Rafts.Time Saving As Compared To Mechanical Pump.Compact And Easy To Store In Your Car. 300Cm Long Wire Can Reach All Your Tires.Pressure Gauge With Maximum Pressure Of 250-300 Psi. Includes Multipurpose Adapters. Air Flow Of About 8-10L/Min.