ETPS Flying Flash Ball Helicopter with Disco Lights

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  • The ball flies like a helicopter when you switch it on, product has no camera
  • Sensors inbuilt; press the button on and it will fly. When it comes down, put your hand below it and it and it will fly again. 

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  • It has a built in sensor which allows this ball to sense anything below it to move it upwards. Guide the movement of the ball by placing your hands underneath it, range; 10 meters rechargeable; usb cable is provided to charge it with any mobile charger
  • Weight; 200 grams, flying height; 50 meters, camera; no
  • Please note; this is for indoor use only, can fly for 6 - 8 minutes on a full charge diameter of the ball; 55cms length of the blade; 15cms comes along with charger which takes 45 - 60 mins to charge it completely, please note; for best performance, charge the ball for at least 15 minutes before first use

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