ETPS TG AQUA Magnet Wirelees Sports Earphone

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  • Jack Diameter
  • With or Without Mic
  • Press the answer key on your phone.

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Available Options:

  • Trans gold aqua magnetic wireless sports earphone.
  • To Charger the Battery
  • Connect the Charger Cable to charging sockt on headset
  • Plug the charger to a wall(A/C)outlet
  • Indicator light shows red.
  • when fully charged the red light turn off 4.Disconnect charger from headset and from wall outlet
  • Or,slide the headset into the Charger Cradle, indicator light shows red.
  • Turns off when fully charged 6.Remove headset from Charger Cradle To Switch the Headset Power on/off
  • Turn on headset,in standby mode 2.Set the phone to search for bluetooth device
  • When phone finds headset,confirm by selecting the headset from list
  • Repeat steps if the pairing was unsuccessful,only need to pair once
  • If pairing was successful,starts to flash blue,indicating in standby mode an ready to make/receive calls To make a Call A.
  • Dial the number from your phone,then press the answer/call key on your phone call is automatically transferred to the headset To Redial the Last Called Number A.
  • Single press the answer/end key twice(2 short presses)when headset is in standby mode To Activate Voice Dialing.
  • Your phone must support this function,when in standby node press and hold the answer/end key for 3 seconds when in standby mode.
  • Speak or say the number to dial,follow User Guide of your phone,record voice take through headset for t To Answer a Call .
  • Press the answer/end key on headset briefl

Technical Details

  • Brand: ETPS
  • Weight: 0.136 kg
  • Dimensions: 5.1 x 19.8 x 7.6 cm
  • To power on: press and hold answer/end key for about 3 seconds until flashes blue
  • To power off: pess and hold for about 6 seconds.goes off To Pair the Headset with a Bluetooth Enables Phone