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Forward / Reverse Switch for unscrewing or screwing. Handy size fits in hand comfortably making it easy to control. Glue-coated anti-skid handle, comfortable grip. With 11 pcs screwdriver bits makes it flexible to adapt to different working condition. Dry battery as a power, power is limited, the speed is not very fast.

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An entire toolbox in the palm of your hand. Tough enough to survive the harshest conditions. Small size for easy storage yet weight-bearing to create enough force for maximum built-in hammer utility. Designed for everyday use with the handiest and most commonly-used household tools.

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Knife Set With 12 Functions Made Of High Quality Stainless Steel. Good Companion For Households, Travel & Outdoors, Camping, Holidaying Knife Edge Is Sharp. Keep Out of Reach of Children. Knife is Not Suitable for Cutting Hard Material.

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With adopted ultrasonic technology, this diffuser is extremely quiet when working. The polypropylene construction will withstand any corrosion no matter what essential oil you use it with. Fills your space with lovely fragrance and as a decorative piece it is perfect for your bedroom. Choose the light you like to make the room romantic and happy,...

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Wireless keyboard 2.4G 3D air mouse & wireless keyboard 6-Axis Inertia Sensors, support the motion sensing games Mouse cursor On/Off Up to 10 meters transmission distance Infrared Remote Control + IR learning Backlit function (optional)

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Working Voltage: DC 12V Working Current: 130mA-150mA Power: 1.5W-2W Water tank capacity: 50ML Spray amount: 25ML/hour Content in the Package: 1 Humidifier