Laurels Black Color Analog Mens Watch with Strap LWM-MOON-020207

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  • Casual Finish With Black Colored Bazel, A Small Silver Diamond on Dial By Laurels
  • Dial Color: Black, Strap Color: Black, Case Color: Silver
  • Dial Material: Brass, Strap Material: Synthetic Leather, Case Material: Alloy
  • Watch Movement Type: Quartz, Watch Display Type: Analog
  • One Year Off-Site Replacement Warranty Against 

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Laurels Black Color Analog Men's Watch

This is a Graceful looking men watch with Black dial and Black strap. Further this watch comes with a durable stainless steel back that has crucial details such as the brand name, movement type, and water-resistance embossed prominently. The water resistance feature of this watch saves it from damage in case of accidental contact with splashes of water or a sudden downpour. To keep your Laurels watch safe, refrain from bringing it in direct contact with water, such as while washing your hands.